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Saturday, May 25, 2013

SmartSerialMail V6.2

SmartSerialMail is the convenient way to send your e-mail automatically to a large number of recipients. In 6 easy-to-follow steps you can now set up a newsletter campaign.
Each mail can be customized in numerous ways using a comfortable editor and time-saving templates. You can import your recipient's data from a variety of file formats or databases into the integrated database and the automated return management keeps your list of recipients up-to-date.

* Built-in database makes it easy to manage a large amount of recipients.
* Automated management of returning mail keeps your lists of recipients up to date.
* Manage your lists of recipients easily with blacklists.
* Add personalized attachments to your mail for every single recipient.
* Built-in HTML-Editor.
* Automatically or manually generated plain-text part for the mail-to-sent - you have the choice.
* Use powerful customizable templates
* Preview your mail in Outlook Express.
* Compress your attachments to decrease the size of your mail.
* Timed sending (e.g. 20 messages every 5 minutes).
* Import recipients data from various sources e.g.

o Microsoft Excel
o Microsoft Outlook
o Text/CSV-files
o almost all popular databases (via Microsoft ADO/ODBC)
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